The Community Food System Program promotes thriving, just and resilient place-based food systems. We support community organizations, Tribal partners, local governments, small-scale farms and food businesses, and community gardens.

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We are exploring the development of a statement that acknowledges this land’s First Nations people. This statement would be used to open discussions and educate the public we work with about the contributions First Nations have made and continue to make throughout this land now known as Wisconsin.

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Edible Startup Summit
Txoj Kev Qhia Txog Pib Tsim Cov Khoom Noj Tau-Edible Startup Summit 2020
Two people working in a food production kitchen.
Español ~ Edible Startup Summit 2020
Edible Startup Summit
Edible Startup Summit 2020

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Collard and turnip greens
Black and African American food sovereignty resources
native corn in dark reds and orange colors
Tribal food sovereignty resources
Hands of a person seated at a desk, writing notes in a planner with glasses, cup of coffee and laptop nearby
Resources for local food businesses and communities interested in the economic impacts of local and regional food

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