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Bank of Cashton’s Future is in Local Food Incubation

I am the statewide Food Entrepreneurship Specialist for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension Community Food Systems Program.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Bank of Cashton with Mara Keyes, the Southwest Project Director at WWBIC. The Bank of Cashton’s President Scot Wall shared the Bank’s vision of their new commercial kitchen and event space in the attached building.

While visiting the Bank of Cashton’s food incubation space, I learned that there are many local businesses across Wisconsin who are trying to make a difference in their local communities. The Bank of Cashton has a long history of supporting local residents and businesses, and wants to continue that work by fostering new business growth in their downtown.

I encourage anyone who is interested in supporting their community to contact their local bank and other local businesses to begin the conversation of what you can do locally to support each other. (If you don’t have an easy ear in your local community, the Bank of Cashton would be happy to work with you as well.)

It was particularly exciting to hear about all of the additional work that the Bank of Cashton supports. They support the Cashton Economic Development organization, who is building a four-unit housing development next door to the bank. Soon there will be room for four more families to live in downtown Cashton.

Any food and farming businesses who are interested in finding commercial kitchen space can start by going to this Extension resource on shared use kitchens and copackers in Wisconsin.

If you are a food and farming business that isn’t located close to Cashton, feel free to reach out to our statewide Food Entrepreneurship Specialist or your local Extension office to see how we can help!

Learn more about the Bank of Cashton here.

Learn more about WWBIC here.

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