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Best Practices for Operating a Food Business out of a Shared Space – 2021 FEED Series

This webinar was presented on June 21, 2021

Whether you are sharing space at a local restaurant, producing your product at an incubator kitchen, renting space in a church or other shared-space arrangement, this session will highlight key considerations for business success. An experienced food entrepreneur will share ideas from his own experience working in this space.

Presenters: Chris Brockel, FEED Kitchens; Donale Richards, Madtown Food Services, LLC

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Food Business Development

We partner with other UW-Madison and Extension programs, including Community Economic Development, Farm Management, the Food Financing Institute, and the Food Research Institute, to provide Food Business Development programs. We connect small-scale food and farm entrepreneurs with business services providers and research-based training and resources on topics such as food safety and licensing. We are working to ensure that our programs and resources are culturally responsive and available in multiple languages.

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The Food Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (FEED) Project provides opportunities to learn about starting or expanding a successful food business from Wisconsin based specialists and entrepreneurs! These trainings are for people who are interested in starting or expanding small-scale food businesses in Wisconsin.

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